Just like we figured, the link we posted yesterday to Martin Cizmar’s trash-talking article drew a lot of angry feedback from Steelers fans.

And upon further review, it appears our man Martin is a Cleveland Browns fan. So, there you go.

(Thanks to blog readers Vicky and Scott for pointing that out.)

Here is a sample of some of your feedback to our last blog, “Phoenix Paper Trashes Steeler Fan Base.” All responses are copied and pasted from actual e-mails.

The article in the Phoenix Paper talking about Steeler fans, our city and Myron Cope is an absolute disgrace!! Myron Cope was a great, great man and to read what they said about him and our Steelers is beyond belief!! They got theirs!!
– Andrea Bandzuh

Its not worth it to be upset over this bashing of our fan base because we know the truth…and we know what team has the best fans around . Not many teams can boast they have a Steeler bar in every city….and we know what team has how many superbowl wins??? count them Arizona….SIX!!!!
– cindy

I can think of six shining examples of why we should not find it necessary to respond to such obvious envy.
– Rick Reed

I was born in Pittsburgh, but I currently live in Charlotte North Carolina, and even there do a huge number Steeler fans walk the streets. This article was ovviously written by someone who does not understand the history of our city or the pride in our team. Win or lose Steeler fans proudly wear their Black and Gold, and even during a less successful season, tickets to games are near impossible to come by. This is something that a city like Phoenix wouldn’t understand. Do they stand by their team through thick and thin? Will they have sold out games when they start to lose again? My guess is no, they won’t, because they do not have the loyalty to their city or their team like Steeler fans do. They do not have a fan base spread across the country, and they probably never will because they will never feel the loyalty that Steeler fans feel towards their city and their team. The truth is that we get pumped up on gameday, and that black and gold is worn 365 days a year, not just when there is gameday, and that every single one of us wears the pride of our city where ever we go. In the Steel City, football isn’t just a game and excellence doesn’t happen by luck, it’s a tradition, and that’s something that a fairweather city like Phoenix will never understand.
– Kaylee

This is ridiculous! I do NOT enjoy being called WHITE TRASH! I have lived in western pennsylvania my entire life and NEVER have I once lived in a trailer court. My Mom lives in Arizona and she is a steeler fan as well. Steeler nation definatly is even the whole way out there! They don’t know us and they don’t know who we are. Steeler nation is going to have an uprise once everybody gets ahold of this article! And I’m doing my best, I just printed it so I can take it home and show it to the rest of my family, which by the way are also Steeler fans.
– Briana Hill

Phoenix is fortunate to have such a strong Pittsburgh connection and possibly the reason they even made it to the Superbowl.
1. Coach Wisenhunt
2. Coach Grimm
3. Steve Breaston (who graduated with my daughter from Woodland Hills)
4. My daughter from Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, now deployed to Southeast Asia.
We support the troops and our Steelers
– Laraine C Kozlowski

Born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Jersey, living in NC now, been a Steeler faithful all my life. This article is what comes from a franchise and a city that has nothing to talk about. They came in 9-7 and played some great playoff football. Give them their due there. But the Steeler Nation comes from all walks of life, from blue collar to white collar, men, women, boys, girls. If this guy thinks Steeler Nation is only youtube, he needs to open his eyes to the world, we come from all nations, all races, all creeds. Articles like this do nothing but fire up Steeler Nation even more!!!
– Tim


When Will They Learn?

January 27, 2009

Super Bowl week just wouldn’t be right without a good controversy to grumble about, and there’s a hot one developing for Pittsburgh fans…


Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is disrespecting the Terrible Towel!


(Apparently, he didn’t read the open letter to Keith Bulluck. Scroll down a couple of posts to check that out.)


A new video on the Internet shows Gordon handing a yellow towel to the Cardinals’ mascot, a big red bird named Big Red. (So creative.)

The big fella wipes his armpit with the cloth and throws it to the ground and stomps on it — just like Bulluck and LenDale White did in the final moments of the Tennessee Titans’ blowout win over the Steelers last month.


And Gordon takes the towel and sneezes into it, like Jevon Kearse did in that same Titans-Steelers game.


The footage was shot Monday at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, during a rally to send the Arizona Cardinals off to Super Bowl XLIII against the Steelers.


(You can watch the video here.)


So… we were going to be nice to the Cards because they have all those local ties to Pittsburgh on their roster. But they can forget about that now.


Remember: You don’t mess with Myron Cope. It’s a painful lesson, Mayor Gordon, but you’ll learn. Just ask the Titans. (Or Bill Hillgrove.)