Onion Spoof

June 4, 2009

Funny headline from TheOnion.com today…  check out the link here –

Detroit, Pittsburgh Both Attempting To Lose Stanley Cup, Avoid Expensive Victory Parade



Best quotes –


“The Steelers’ championship parade cost us roughly $6.5 million in street closures, float rental, security expenditures, and sanitation overtimenot to mention the incalculable loss of man-hours for our struggling local businesses,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said. ‘Pittsburgh can’t afford to forget how the four Super Bowl parades we had in the 1970s were followed by mill closures, layoffs, and a decade-long recession. Let’s go Wings!”



“I did everything I could, but Sidney Crosby just refuses to not lay down and die,” said Detroit netminder Chris Osgood, who allowed only one goal in each of the first two games and took personal responsibility for the victories.


New Benson Vids

June 4, 2009

Our old buddy Chris Benson is back with some new Pens videos. (You may remember seeing his spoofs on Links N’@ during the Steelers’ Super Bowl run.)



Here’s his latest “Burghability” video with Big Bob and Mikey at Mellon Arena’s Trib Tron. (It’s a spoof of the Bud Light “drinkability” ads.)





And here’s a dramatic tribute vid, looking back at the playoffs so far. Pretty cool!



Don’t Touch Sidney!

June 4, 2009

Detroit Free Press is at it again. Check out the “Don’t Touch Sidney” game on their Web site — complete with a tearful referee.



Image From Freep.com

Image From Freep.com

Smack A Penguin

May 28, 2009

Detroit is wasting no time throwing out some Stanley Cup Final smack.

Check out this game on the Detroit Free Press’ Web site.



Hollywood loves a good sports movie — “Rocky,”  “Hoosiers,” “The Natural” — just to name a few.  So we decided to make our casting choices for a big screen version of Super Bowl XLIII. 

First on the casting sheet is the role of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Mike Tomlin/Omar Epps


Calm, cool, collected — Tomlin’s got all the qualities of a leading man.   To bring his on-screen counterpart to life, we went with current “House” star Omar Epps.   Prior to starring as Dr. Eric Foreman on the show, Epps appeared in several sports-themed movies throughout his career.  He played a boxer in “Against the Ropes” (2004), explored “Love & Basketball” (2004) and took over the role of Willie Mays Hayes in “Major League 2” (1994).  

Next up is Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Woody Harrelson/Ken Whisenhunt


Finding the right actor to portray Whisenhunt proved a bit challenging, forcing us to think outside the box.  Perhaps not the conventional choice to play an NFL head coach, Woody Harrelson boasts the credentials to back it up.  Filmed in the Pittsburgh-area, he played bowler Roy Munson in “Kingpin” (1996) and starred alongside Wesley Snipes (the original Willie Mays Hayes) in “White Men Can’t Jump” (1992).  He also portrayed a boxer in “Play it to the Bone” (1999), and more recently, a basketball player in the Will Ferrell comedy “Semi-Pro” (2008).


Here’s what some of you had to say about our casting choices:

  •  “Essie” agreed, “You are right on with Omar Epps as Mr. Tomlin!! I’ve always said the Coach is the more mature version of Omar Epps.  They’re both just beautiful! (I’ll keep it PG)  Now, I never would have thought Woody Harrelson for Coach Whisenhunt but now that i see the side-by-side…oh yeah!  Great job with this one!


  • “Joanna” wrote, “Omar Epps is the perfect choice.  Every time my husband watches House, he comments “Mike Tomlin, what are you doing in a hospital?”


  • “Jaime” said, “This blog about the casting of Hollywood is great! U did a wonderful job getting all the criteria correct! Good job!

Many of you also made your own casting calls.

  • “Janice” replied, “Omar Epps is the right choice but I would have picked Chris Meloni to play Wisenhunt — better fit.” 


  • “Marla” recommended, “If I were casting for coach Tomlin, Lamar Rucker would be my choice.  Woody Harrelson would be my choice for coach Whisenhunt.


  • “Bob” suggested, “Will Ferrell should play the part of Big Ben.”


Tell us what you think!  Use the feedback box on the top-right of this page to send us your choices to play Tomlin, Whisenhunt or any of the players involved in Super Bowl XLIII.

Our buddy Chris Benson has done it again. Check out his latest spoof video … it’s that dramatic Gatorade ad, set to a Pittsburgh theme.

(If for some reason you weren’t fired up for the Super Bowl already, this ought to do it for you.)

You might recognize some of Benson’s previous work from our daily Links N’@ videoblog with Ashley DiParlo and Becky Emmers. Funny stuff.

Steelers-Ravens YouTube Fun

January 18, 2009

Know how you can go to YouTube looking for whatever it is you’re looking for… but then you randomly see something else that looks cool… and then something else … and before you know it, an hour of your life has been sucked away?

Yeah, so that happened to us today… and now you have a bunch of good game-day clips to watch before Steelers vs. Ravens. Enjoy!

It isn’t smart for Ravens fans to bet against the Steelers.

Best moments from the September overtime win on Monday Night Football in Pittsburgh.

“Here We Go” … with updated lyrics and a fan slideshow.

How does the North Shore look on a typical game day? Here’s the scene inside at McFadden’s…

… and outside at Heinz Field.

Trying to get done up for the game? Here’s a Steeler makeup tutorial for all the ladies.


A slideshow of some crazy Steeler fans, doing what they do.

Snoop is a big Steelers fan too. Here’s the d-o-double-g getting ready for a youth football league game.

The only thing Baltimore has that we don’t: cheerleaders. Click here for a clip from the last Steelers-Ravens game.

OK, we’ve been giving it to Baltimore fans all week… and now it’s our turn to take the abuse.

Mindy Basara

Mindy Basara

Stan Stovall and Mindy Basara anchor the morning newscast on WBAL-TV, our sister station. They’re defending Baltimore’s honor against us smack-talking ‘Burghers.

Check out the video.

(Dissing Heinz ketchup? That’s just wrong.)

Longtime WTAE viewers may remember Basara as a former Westmoreland County bureau chief. She moved to her current gig in Baltimore in 1998.

Originally posted on March 13, 2008. We thought you’d enjoy watching it again … with the AFC championship game and Inauguration Day approaching.


What’s Up, Steeler Nation?

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but I figured you didn’t need any expert analysis after the Steelers played the Bengals! Here are some random thoughts on the Black And Gold as they prepare for Sunday’s showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

– James Harrison continues to amaze! Apparently his back was barking pretty loud at halftime of the Patriots game, but he gutted it out and was a force on the second half with the two sacks and two forced fumbles. What a warrior!
– Great to see Lawrence Timmons make a big play. ( Although he should have scored on that interception!) There’s a guy at my gym who’s been badgering me for about a year now saying LT is a bust and the Steelers should never have drafted him. ( He’s also the one who says Byron Leftwich should be the starting quarterback, so….) Remember, they were saying the same thing about Troy Polamalu after his rookie season.

– The more I think about it, Mike Tomlin should get serious consideration for Coach Of The Year. Think about it: A brutal schedule, numerous injuries and yet the Steelers are a virtual lock to make the playoffs. Good stuff.

– You want to have some fun this weekend? Hit Carson Street on the South Side Saturday night! Steeler Fan and Cowboy Fan should be in full throat and trash talk should be flowing. The two fan bases don’t like each other and neither one will back down! I love it!

Talk to you after the Cowboys game, as we get you set for World War III (AKA: Steelers at the Ravens!)





I have never seen Ben Roethlisberger so down after a loss than when I saw him after the Steelers loss to the Colts. When the media was allowed into the locker room, Ben was still sitting at his locker with his head buried deep in his hands. When he finally showered, he took a long time getting dressed and he took just as long to collect his thoughts before he finally turned and faced the media scrum. It looked as if he was holding back tears as he spoke. Usually after a loss, Roethlisberger is rather defiant. He will say things like; “You have to give credit to the other team.” and: “We’ll bounce back next week.” That wasn’t the case after his zero touchdown, three interception performance against Indy. We heard things like: “It was my fault.” and “It hurts.” Big Ben did what every quarterback has to do when his team loses: take the blame. But it’s probably not fair to put all the blame on number seven. And, I don’t want to hear that he shouldn’t have been playing because of his shoulder. The coaches and the medical staff say he was OK to play: That’s good enough for me. Let’s take a deeper look at the game. The first interception should have never happened. The Steelers were up by ten and should have been content to run out the second quarter clock and go into halftime with a two score lead. What was Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians thinking calling a pass play deep in their own end? Plus, Ike Taylor had two passes he should have either knocked down or intercepted wind up in the hands of Reggie Wayne for big receptions. Troy Polamalu had nothing but 70 yards of green grass in front of him when he dropped an interception in the second quarter. And how about Mewelde Moore getting body slammed on third and goal at the one yard line when the Steelers had a chance to go up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Steelers offensive line is supposed to dominate in those situations. Sure, Ben’s interceptions didn’t help, but there was plenty of blame to go around.

A Good Win But…..

November 5, 2008

The Steelers win over the Washington Redskins Monday Night was certainly impressive. Dick LeBeau’s defense is by far the best in the NFL and they certainly made Redskins QB Jason Campbell look average at best. Byron Leftwich did a remarkable job filling in for the injured Ben Roethlisberger and guiding the Steelers to two touchdown drives. Willie Parker came back from his knee injury and he looks like he is finally getting healthy. BUT: what if Carlos Rogers hangs on to that interception in the first half? He would have walked in for touchdown and a 13-3 Redskins lead. The way the Steelers offense was sputtering at the time, that may have been all Washington would have needed. It just goes to show that there truly is a fine line between winning and losing in the NFL. Dropping a potential pick-six against the Steelers is like dropping a fly ball in baseball with two outs and runners in scoring position. If you have a chance to beat this team, you better take it. Because sooner or later, that defense will get to your quarterback and that offense will find its groove. The Steelers are good, but sometimes good luck leads to good play on the field. The Washington Redskins learned that the hard way.

Thoughts On The Giants Loss

October 27, 2008


Many are saying that the Steelers loss to the Giants is just a stutter step, a bump in the road if you will. They will tell you the Steelers are still undefeated in the AFC and they appear to be in no real danger of being dethroned in the AFC North division. I’m not so sure. The Steelers offensive line continues to be a cause for major concern. The Giants came in to Heinz Field content on putting pressure on Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers knew it, and it didn’t matter. Did you honestly think the Steelers offense would be able to drive down the field and score after New York took the lead late in the fourth? Big Ben needed time for his receivers to get down field to make a big play, that starts with pass protection. Perhaps once Willie Parker comes back, and the Steelers are able to establish more of a consistent running threat (with all apologies to Mewelde Moore who has been outstanding) they can run some more play action and there by hit more big plays in the passing game. But, make no mistake about it, after watching film of what the Giants did, and the Eagles before them, when teams know the Steelers have to pass, they are coming after number seven. I just hope he survives.

It sure looks like for the second straight year, the Steelers will have an outside linebacker heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. But, I’m not talking about “Mr. Monday Night” James Harrison. I’m speaking of second year man LaMarr Woodley. Woodley has stepped in nicely as a starter on the opposite side of Harrison. Heading into the Steelers bye week, Woodley has collected 5.5 sacks, good enough for third in the NFL. Which begs the question: How did this guy last until the second round last year? There were a few questions about his size; most felt he was too big to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme and too small to be a defensive end in a 4-3. But, I think the scouts underestimated Woodley’s ability to play football. He has natural instincts for a linebacker. He can stuff the run and he’s done remarkably well in pass coverage. What’s more: He looks the part. When you talk to LaMarr Woodley, you tend to forget that he’s in just his second NFL season; he has the poise and confidence of a ten year veteran. The Steelers got a good one in LaMarr Woodley. Look for him in Hawaii next February. (And James Harrison, too.)

I’m sure you’ve heard many opinions about the Brett Favre situation with the Packers. I’m going to keep this short, but I might as well put my two cents in. Bottom Line: Brett Favre formally retired back in March. For whatever the reason, wether he felt pressured to do so, or he no longer felt welcome in Green Bay, the fact is he announced he was shutting it down. The Packers moved on, and rightfully so. Now, Favre wants to come back, and he wants his starting job back. Look, I’m a big Brett Favre fan. My brother-in-law, Howard is quick to tell me how overrated he is, and maybe that’s true. But, Favre brought fun back to football. He wore his emotions on his sleeve. He always looked like he was having the time of his life out there on the football field. He will go down as perhaps the greatest Green Bay Packer of all time, and that’s saying something. But, he can’t have it both ways. He can’t hold a team hostage as he has for the last three years or so regarding his future. Brett, you made your decision, live with it. Stay retired. Going to another team for a year or two will damage your legacy and erase a lot of the good will you’ve built over the years. I’m not sure how all of this is going to play out, but I would venture to guess it won’t turn out too well. Good luck to all.