What’s Up, Steeler Nation?

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but I figured you didn’t need any expert analysis after the Steelers played the Bengals! Here are some random thoughts on the Black And Gold as they prepare for Sunday’s showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

– James Harrison continues to amaze! Apparently his back was barking pretty loud at halftime of the Patriots game, but he gutted it out and was a force on the second half with the two sacks and two forced fumbles. What a warrior!
– Great to see Lawrence Timmons make a big play. ( Although he should have scored on that interception!) There’s a guy at my gym who’s been badgering me for about a year now saying LT is a bust and the Steelers should never have drafted him. ( He’s also the one who says Byron Leftwich should be the starting quarterback, so….) Remember, they were saying the same thing about Troy Polamalu after his rookie season.

– The more I think about it, Mike Tomlin should get serious consideration for Coach Of The Year. Think about it: A brutal schedule, numerous injuries and yet the Steelers are a virtual lock to make the playoffs. Good stuff.

– You want to have some fun this weekend? Hit Carson Street on the South Side Saturday night! Steeler Fan and Cowboy Fan should be in full throat and trash talk should be flowing. The two fan bases don’t like each other and neither one will back down! I love it!

Talk to you after the Cowboys game, as we get you set for World War III (AKA: Steelers at the Ravens!)